josette eales - voice over demo

"I look for the truth of the character then I make damn sure I never judge them for it."

- Josette Eales

Drama Reel 

"It's all in the text, you just gotta keep looking until you find it."

- Josette Eales

Comedy Reel




The Morg (indie feature)

Blended (studio feature)

Inescapable (indie feature)

Mad Buddies (indie feature)

Killing Karen Soloway (short)

Sacred Heart (short)

The time we're in (short)


Marvel's What If... (guest star) 

The Wild (series regular)

Covert Affairs (guest star)

The Kroll show (guest star)

Love that girl (guest star)

The lionman (series regular)

90 Plein street (guest star) 


Othello - desdemona (durban playhouse, Hilton theatre, national tour)

Sally and Marsha - sally (square space theatre)

The lover - sarah (square space theatre)

Stone angel - dollie (national arts festival, square space theatre & hilton arts festival)

King lear - regan (durban  playhouse, hilton theatre & national tour)

Popcorn - velvet (elizabeth sneddon theatre)

Dracula -nurse grice / nisbet (kwasuka theatre)

Dangerous Liaisons - emilie (elizabeth sneddon theatre) 

Marvel 'What If...?'