"I have to really want to tell a story to discover a clear enough vision."

- Josette Eales

"When working with actors I'm simply 

creating a safe space for exploration and then 

gently asking them why."

- Josette Eales



Mein Soldat (short - filming completed)

A Shame (short - complete)

Gripped (short - in development)

Solomon's Daughter (short - in development)


Desert Bird (feature - in development) 

Stone Angel (feature - script in development)


River's Message (short and sweet festival)

The Guards (foxwood theatre)  

Mein Soldat (national arts festival, hilton arts festival, square space theatre)

*Winner of Ovation Award.*

The Adventures of Jabulani Jo (national arts festival, catalina theatre & national schools tour)

Jennifer Blogg Colored in (hilton arts festival)