Josette has a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing and has written for both stage and screen.  Her focus is feature film writing with an insatiable appetite for poetry. 



Island of Silence (feature)

Desert Bird (feature)

The Final Seekers (feature)

Killing Karen Soloway (short)

A Shame (short)

Gripped (short) 

Solomon's daughter (short)


Cherry under my foot (National arts festival &

 UKZN playhouse)

*Selected as flagship production for the new stages festival.* 

The Adventures of Jabulani  Jo (National arts festival, Catalina theatre and national school tour)

*Winner of best new South African script.*


Jennifer Blogg Colored in (Hilton arts festival)






"I am deeply fascinated by the human condition and interested in exploring character pathology."

- Josette Eales

"I've always written to work things out in my own head"

- Josette Eales